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Mortgage Demand Up, Some Softening of Credit Standards

The Fed’s Senior Loan Officer Survey was published this week and shows both an increase in the demand for mortgages and that some banks have eased their credit standards somewhat.  While neither of these shifts heralds a huge boom, they are welcome news.  Click on the chart for a larger image. The full survey can be […]

Housing Bulls

If upbeat comments and optimistic forecasts are a sign of a housing upturn, the upturn is just about here. The Federal Reserve’s Beige Book — the Fed’s survey of the economy published before each meeting of the FOMC, the Fed’s policy group, was released on Wednesday October 10th.  The summary comments, “Residential real estate showed […]

Video: Q&A with David Blitzer from S&P Capital IQ Housing Webinar

David Blitzer, Managing Director and Chairman of the S&P Index Committee, addresses additional questions from the S&P Capital IQ Housing webinar in this short video.  Watch this clip as David provides insight on on the multiple factors that will impact the housing marketing, including the overall status of the economy, interest rate action by the […]

Price-to-Rent Ratio

Home prices nationally are down to levels of about 10 years ago and a comparison to movements in rents suggest that prices are moving back to where buying is favored over renting. The chart show the price-to-rent ratio going back to 1987.  The horizontal line represents the average ratio over the entire time period; the […]

Consumers’ Financial Condition

Reports today from the New York Federal Reserve and RealtyTrac shed some new light on consumers’ financial conditions and mortgages. Improvements continue for consumers in the mortgage market; the one weak spot in the NY Fed report was student loans. The NY Fed reports that some 291,000 individuals had foreclosure notations on their credit reports […]

Ben Bernanke on Housing

Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve, spoke to the National Association of Home Builders meeting in Orlando, FL today.   Housing continues to face difficulties and is a key factor in the currently weak and disappointing economic recovery.  Bernanke pointed to too much supply in housing due to vacancies and continued foreclosures across the country.  […]

Borrowing, Lending and Progress

Mortages and debts were key issues in the housing boom and bust and the financial crisis that followed. Mortgages, or the lack thereof, are one of the reasons why housing is still suffering even as the rest of the economy struggles to recover.  Some recent developments point to possible improvements: News out this morning says […]

Consumers’ Finances Moving Back to Normal

Despite the slight uptick in mortgage defaults seen in the S&P/Experian Consumer Default Indices, the overall consumer financial picture seems to be moving in the right direction. The Federal Reserve publishes a series of financial obligation indices showing how much of disposable income goes to debt service, property taxes, auto leases or financing, homeowners insurance […]

Housing: A plus or minus for the economy?

Questions from reporters over the last week, since the S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Indices were reported on August 30th, were bearish.  One slightly positive comment was that housing is doing better than the stock market. Another attempt at optimism came from a journalist who wanted (or his editor wanted) an article that now is a good […]

What Next: S&P/Case-Shiller Indices Next Tuesday

Last month’s report, for March 2011, confirmed that housing prices are headed down and that some cities have broken below the lows set in 2009.  As we approach the report for April due out on Tuesday June 28th at 9 AM, here’s a look at some recent data and comments which might give a hint […]

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