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S&P Ratings U.S. Housing And Residential Mortgage Finance: 2014 Outlook

U.S. housing made a strong comeback in 2013. Home prices nationally have risen roughly 12%, which is in line with our original forecast early in the year of 11%. Overall, we expect a 6% increase in the S&P Case-Shiller 20-City Home Price Index (December to December % change) in 2014. While historical annual increases are […]

Stocks and Houses

Twelve years ago when the boom in tech stocks ended, housing was considered a safe investment to escape to.  Six years ago the financial crisis took down both stocks and housing.  Clearly neither is without risk, but maybe the past can offer some hint as to which might be better.   Looking at the period […]

Housing: A plus or minus for the economy?

Questions from reporters over the last week, since the S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Indices were reported on August 30th, were bearish.  One slightly positive comment was that housing is doing better than the stock market. Another attempt at optimism came from a journalist who wanted (or his editor wanted) an article that now is a good […]

On the Back Burner

Both news and comments about housing will take a back seat this week to the debt ceiling and deficit talks in the US and on-going worries about national debts in Europe.   It’s not that no one cares about housing any more — although there may be a limit to how much accumulated bad news people […]

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