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Europe’s Recession Is Still Dragging Down House Prices In Most European Markets

The plight of Europe’s homeowners looks set to continue this year as house prices keep falling in most European markets. Yet, the extent of the pain will vary significantly by country. Spain is still suffering a sharp correction. We forecast prices will fall by 7.8% this year, with little relief in sight. Other countries on […]

Q&A On Europe’s Housing Markets: Little Solid Ground

Given that there is no one single housing market in Europe, is there any general trend? Jean-Michel Six: There are different fundamentals operating in each country’s market across Europe and even in the eurozone. The supply-demand situation across countries varies widely, from an excess of supply in some markets to an excess of demand in […]

Economic Research: Spain’s Housing Market May Need Four More Years To Rebalance

House prices in Spain are a key variable in the performance of the country’s economy. The housing boom built up unsustainable imbalances, such as an oversupply of dwellings, which will need to fully correct before a sustainable recovery takes place. The unwinding has begun: House prices have dropped 22% in nominal terms between first-quarter 2008 […]

Belgium’s Housing Market Is Slowing, But A Slump Is Unlikely

Like many other developed countries, Belgium experienced a house price boom in the two decades leading up to the onset of the financial crisis in 2008. Unlike many of those countries, though, the ensuing price correction was little more than a blip. Home prices fell by just 1.2% in the first two quarters of 2009, […]

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