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Existing home sales, have they flatlined?

Measured by the number of closed transactions, existing home sales have largely stalled over the several years. The chart below clearly illustrates how sales slowed down over the past four years and quite dramatically in the summer of 2011 (the rightmost data observations on the blue and red lines) versus their historic past.  The latest […]

Home ownership may be a distant American dream

Takeaway: Affordability with low mortgage rates is not increasing monthly home sales. The American dream lives on with 72% of respondents from a survey by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) saying they would like to own versus rent. In our opinion, single-family homes are desirable for families that want a good school system, safe […]

Home ownership remains an American dream

Survey says: renters still want to own a home. Owning a home is still an American dream, despite many houses being underwater. As a reminder, this means that owners owe more money on the house than the appraised value. Some industry experts estimate that 25% to 30% of total homes owned in the U.S. have […]

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