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The Credit Overhang: The Differing Recovery Trajectories Of U.S. Auto Companies and Homebuilders

U.S. automakers and homebuilders both operate in markets that are highly cyclical. Each cycle has had somewhat different dynamics. However, industry specifics aside, these two sectors have generally been similarly affected by economic downturns. In terms of credit quality, the recession that began in 2007 had severe effects on issuers in both sectors: General Motors […]

U.S. Homebuilders Are Still Awaiting Firmer Demand And Profitability

S&P recently released an industry report card on the U.S. homebuilder sector. The primary authors of the report are George Skoufis and Lisa Sarajian but I thought I would share with you a section of the report containing our outlook on the sector. If you’re interested in reading the full report click here. Our outlook […]

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